Change Is Good For You

They say that change is as good as a holiday. Have you not heard that old saying before? And why are so many people still so afraid of change? Two famous men had this to say about fear and change. Change you can believe in. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Have you not got around to who uttered those famous statements? And have you thought about why they were making those kinds of statements? They were positive statements to be sure. They were motivating the masses to go forward in life.

When companies go through challenging cycles deep down many of its staff members fear from instinct or experience that the winds of change are about to blow. Another famous statement, but this too was meant to be positive. And what many workers do not always seem to realize and appreciate is that their company managers and owners fear the change as well. There is a lot more at stake for them.

When leading businesses (they have all been through the mill, and so now they know what it takes) need to make changes to their organizations, they will outsource all organizational change management operations. Managers and their in-house support crew do not have the capacity and, perhaps even, the temperament to handle the change management exercises. It is a specialized service to be sure. Change does not always need to mean that people have to lose their jobs. But even if they did.

organizational change management

They should take the positive view that change brings about new opportunities. Now, as to those famous leaders who made such positive statements for the benefit of others? Harold McMillan. FDR. And Barack Obama. Being a leader is not altogether easy. Just ask any manager and they will tell you.